SAR GROUP are a global recycling company with divisions in
Brazil, Lithuania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, U.A.E, Bangladesh and the UK
We focus on the recovery of non-ferrous and precious metals from the automotive industry. 
SAR Recycling Group buys E-Waste from all around the world
We recycle Processors, Rams, Circuit Boards and other electronic components.

Welcome to SAR Recycling Ltd

At SAR Recycling Group we pride ourselves in being professionals in the recycling industry. We purchase, recycle and refine a wide range of scrap that contains precious and base metals.

Our divisions are based in countries such as Brazil, Lithuania, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, U.A.E, United Kingdom and Bangladesh. As experts in our industry we strive to provide the efficient and exceptional services we are known for globally. Maintaining close working relationships with environment agencies around the world, to ensure we are always compliant to all hazardous waste and duty of care regulations.
Catalytic Converters
Lead Acid Batteries
E-Waste (circuit boards and other IT scrap)
Lithium-ion Batteries

We work together in close partnership with the world’s leading refineries and can offer our clients the flexibility to choose how and when to sell their products. With our on-site laboratory, we can give our clientele fast, accurate and reliable results using the latest testing technologies such as ICP and XRF Analysis. Please do not hesitate to contact SAR Recycle Group should you require any further information or assistance with regards to the above information.

Latest News from the industry and SAR

Keep up-to-date with all the latest news from within SAR and the changes in the recycling market.

Malaysia has announced it will be returning 3,000 tonnes of contaminated non-recyclable plastic waste to nations including the UK, Australia, the US and Canada. The country has stressed that it no longer wishes to be the dumping ground for rich nations.

2019 sees a new chapter for the James Giddings Rallying team! After all the success that 2018 brought, James will be driving the Castrol Fiesta R2, as part of the prize for winning the 2018 MRF Tyres Fiesta ST Trophy. The prize also includes support from MRF Competition tyres, and a set of racing overalls courtesy of Vital equipment and Torq racewear. The R2 class has for years been one of the most competitive classes in rallying, and provides a good step up on the ladder of opportunity. For 2019 James will be using the car in the Rallye R2 Cup, which runs along the BTRDA series.

Many millions of tonnes of televisions, phones and other electronic equipment are discarded each year, despite them being a rich source of metals. But now e-waste mining has the potential to become big business.

SAR have always offered a fast and reliable service when I'm selling my CATS. Would not look anywhere else.

David Johnson

Divisions based in countries such as:

United Kingdom

South Africa
Saudi Arabia