On site E-Waste valuations and same day collections

Nearly all I.T. hardware has precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Palladium and Copper

SAR Recycling Group buys E-Waste from all around the world. We recycle a wide range of scrap including Processors, Rams, Circuit Boards and other electronic components. We ensure that all practices are undertaken with the utmost care and attention. We always work according to the world recycling standards and ensure full compliance with local Environmental Agencies.

The types of electronic scrap that we recycle are:
• PC Boards
• Ram Memory
• CPU’s
• TV Boards
• Automotive Boards
• Other Circuit Boards
• PC Towers
• Hard Disk Drives
• Laptops
• Power Supply Units

Our global recycling network enables partners of SAR Recycling Group to get access to the world’s largest and most efficient refineries by cutting out any intermediaries. We offer valuations of electronic waste on site and same day collections. All of our procedures are monitored and reported to the local authorities for waste reporting. Compliance with the Environment Agency is 100% guaranteed.

For further details about our pricing, please do not hesitate to send an enquiry determining the type of E-Waste with photo’s of them and estimated weights available.

SAR has a network of logistics partners

throughout the world that guarantees best service for international shipments

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