We extract 99.5% of lead, ready for re-use

Lead Acid Battery Recycling

We focus on the recovery of non-ferrous and precious metals from the automotive industry. We also collect all types of portable batteries.
We provide a complete battery recycling service using the latest technology to enable us to extract 99.5% of lead ready for re-use in the production of batteries and other lead based products. This makes us one of the UK's leaders in lead acid battery recycling. We offer both a collection and a delivered price for all lead acid batteries. 

For further details about our pricing and collections, please do not hesitate to send an enquiry determining the type of batteries with photo’s of them and estimated weights available.

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Recyclable elements of a battery

1 - Lead terminals - the lead is used for new batteries and other lead products

2 - Electrolyte or acid - goes for acid reclamation and ends up used for fertilizer, chemical production, sodium sulphate production or neutralisation and pre-treatment for discharge.

3 - Internal plates - again, the lead is used for new batteries and other lead products

4 - Plastic container - goes to plastic recycling and gets reused in plastic products

Divisions based in countries such as:

United Kingdom

South Africa
Saudi Arabia